Our program is designed for both the Competitive and Non Competitive athlete. Our coaching staff reserves the right to make the final decision on whether an athlete is able to compete in tournaments based on physical preparedness and attendance at our training sessions. Please look at the program descriptions below to see which program best suits you/your child.

Junior Youth Program (Tyke, Novice, Kids, Bantam)

– Open to boys and girls ages 7-12 (Younger athletes can participate at the parents and coaches discretion)
– Fun, participation centered programming, skill building games
– Predominately focused on athletic development (Balance, Strength, Agility)
– Emphasis on safety issues surrounding contact sports
– Introduction to Olympic Wrestling rules and basic techniques
– Begin age specific competitions

Senior Youth Program (Cadet, Juvenile)

– Open to Boys and Girls grades 9-12 (Bantam athletes of appropriate ability can be eligible to train in this program as well)
– Competition oriented (Unless Recreational/Non Competitive Member)
– Increased emphasis on physical preparedness
– Advanced techniques
– Goal oriented training focused on the Provincial and National Championships

Adult Program (Junior, Senior)

– Although we are predominately a youth club, we also have adult athletes that train with us- Previous wrestlers that are interested to get back into the sport, adults just wanting to learn the sport of wrestling, wrestling for fitness, or MMA athletes looking to focus on their wresting training
– We generally do not plan a competitive schedule for this program, but will make accommodation on an individual basis
– The Senior Youth Program and the Adult Program train concurrently

What does it mean to be a Recreational vs. Competitive Athlete?


– Competitions/Tournaments are not mandatory. Depending on progression, Regional tournaments may be an option
– Boys and Girls grades 1-12 (or in the adult program)
– Focus on athletic development (Balance, Strength, Agility)
– Introduction to Olympic Wrestling rules
– Learn basic technique & get in better physical shape
– Able to do 1-2 practices a week. May have other sports that overlap with wrestling during the year


– Boys and Girls grades 7-12 (or in the adult program)
– Competition oriented- (Usually after 1 year of recreational wrestling, or joining KWC after wrestling on a high school wrestling team)
– Increased emphasis on physical preparedness
– Advanced techniques
– Attendance at all training sessions is expected throughout the competitive wrestling season