Kingston and Area Olympic Wrestling Club

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2023/2034 Tentative Competition Schedule

November TBA

Ontario Senior Open (Seniors),  Location TBA

December TBA

Ontario Winter Games Camp (Cadet/Bantam), Kington, ON

December 16-17 

Matmen Classic (Everyone), Brampton, ON

December 15-17

Canadian Olympic Trials (Senior, Junior), Edmonton, AB

December TBA

Xmas Sparty (Everyone), Lansing, MI 

January 12-13

Golden Bear Invitational (Seniors, Juniors), Edmonton, AB

January TBA

Kbay Open (Everyone), Barrie, ON

January TBA

Guelph Open (Seniors), Guelph, ON

January TBA

Ontario Junior Championships (Juvenile, Junior), Location TBA

February 3-4

Ontario Cadet/Juvi Champ (Juvenile, Cadet, Bantam), Markham, ON

February TBA

Ontario Winter Games (Cadeet, Bantam), Thunder Bay, ON

February TBA

Guelph Youth Wrestling Tourney (Kids, Novice, Tyke, Bantam, Cad), Guelph, ON

March TBA

March Madness (Kids, Novice, Tyke, Bantam, Cad), Milton, ON

March TBA

OFSAA Wrestling Champs (High School), Location TBA

March TBA

Canadian Wrestling Trials (Cadet, Junior, Senior), Location TBA

March TBA

Mohawk Valley (Everyone), Canstota, NY

March 24-26

Canadian U15/U17/U19 Championship (Junior, Juvenile, Cadet, Bantam), Mississauga, ON

April TBA

Jr. Badgers Youth Tourney (Kids, Novice, Tyke, Bantam, Cad), Location TBA

April TBA

Ontario Youth Wrestling Fest (Kids, Novice, Tyke, Bantam, Cad), Location TBA


Canada East Youth Festival (Kids, Novice, Tyke, Bantam, Cad), Location TBA

Please note:
Schedule is subject to change. This Schedule also does not include potential Camps and Clinics. Will be updated in September.
Participation will be at coaches discretion based on athletic preparedness and attendance at practice.